Globalfoundries Inc. - Cleanroom Lifting Table with smooth sheet (12mm cover plate)
High-Tech Logistics
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High-Tech Logistics

In the production, storage and transport of high-tech logistics goods, such as computer chips, printed circuit boards, electronic parts in general, etc., special requirements prevail:
In the interior of the buildings, some of which are designed as cleanrooms with low pressure, special requirements arise which necessitate the use of stainless steel components and for example explosion-proof/ATEX equipment.
For such interiors we have already developed many different stainless steel lifting tables which have been used worldwide by well-known manufacturers.
In the ramp area, special attention is paid to the weather protection due to the high-quality goods. A 100% protection against penetrating (rain/melt) water is necessary. Our Nani Regenerweiser does this.
Nani DocklevellersIndustrial Doors and Stainless Steel Lift Tables are also used in cleanrooms
Montage im ReinraumInstallation in the clean room
Stainless steel as a material in production



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