Categories:  Docklevellers, News
    published and updated: 18.03.2019

CleaningDock – Floor mats and clean-up zones are now standard in the planning of any building. The pollution by floor-borne vehicles, forklift trucks, etc....
Dockshelter for Automotive Manufacturer

    Categories:  Dockshelters, News
    published and updated: 21.08.2018

Nani manufactures and delivers four units of the height-adjustable inflatable dockshelters for a European car manufacturer for the new plant in North Africa....
Lift Table in Polar-Cold-Areas

    Categories:  Lifting Equipment, News
    published and updated: 29.08.2017

The Lift Table is equipped with a heated oil tank and a platform lock for fixing the lift table against a possible sinking in the upper position...
Surfaces and Coatings

    Categories:  Accessories for Lifting Equipment, News
    published and updated: 29.08.2017

Surfaces and Coatings are a decisive criterion for safety during loading. Consult with us to find out which flooring is best for your loading point...
Crash Guard

    Categories:  Loading Dock Equipment, News
    published and updated: 25.08.2017

The Nani Crash-Guard revolutionizes the safety of the loading bay. It protects the operators on the dockleveller and in front of it....
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